We garner close relationships with our clients, basing campaigns on their ever-changing needs.  We actively look for opportunities that resonate right for each individual client, tailoring for the best exposure.  It is this approach that allows us to work with a wide range of specialized clientele.

Our services are offered to actors, models, musicians, athletes, health & fitness faces, studios & production houses, films & shows, lifestyle & fashion brands.

We  formulate publicity and marketing campaigns for mass market and niche audiences.  Our publicists can create traditional campaigns that focus on print, radio, and television, as well as developing online campaigns that focus on websites, weblogs, and social media.

We work extensively with European and Latin markets, with a growing list of contacts we use to promote our clients.

It should also be mentioned that we have represented 5 of Maxim’s ‘Top 100 Sexiest Woman in the World’ at one time, with countless covers to our credit.